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Month: December 2014

Wordless Wednesday

So there have been days were I just feel Un-Artsy. Is that even a phrase? Well because of that I am starting a new project and thank you Kiki from In Its Time for the inspiration. She started the 365 Project last year and tried […]

2015 Goals

I am not one for resolutions…I ALWAYS break them, but setting goals, things that I want to do for me feels different. Maybe I am kidding myself and am just hiding behind the title “GOAL” to make me feel better, but I feel that if […]

My Christmas Wish List

China Star copy

(Not the greatest of pictures but this is from our first Christmas, at China Star in Minot)

I am going to start this post out by saying I am not putting anyone down if they have “things” on their wish list for this Christmas, normally I would too but 2014 is a very different year for me and so my wish list looks nothing like the normal one.

I am linking up with Kiki from In Its Time for  “My Christmas Wish List”.

Honestly, all I want for Christmas this year is my hubby.

We have been apart for nearly 7 months because he has a job in ND and I am living in AZ. The choice to move to AZ was not an easy one. We had already decided that we were leaving ND this summer and the fact that the house we were renting needed to be sold made the choice that much easier. When the decision to move was made Adam didn’t have the job he has now, about 3 weeks before our move date he was offered the job. At the time we were just going to do it for 2 months, it was just supposed to help us get out of the whole we were in financially. We happen to be pretty unlucky financially, we lost our home 3.5 years ago in a flood and didn’t have flood insurance (most of the people of Minot didn’t and there were a lot of homes lost) then last year while we were driving to SC/Florida for vacation we hit a deer and totaled our car and didn’t have that fancy rental car coverage (we do now). So you see we weren’t really stupid, just very unlucky. None the less the 2 months really weren’t going to get us out of the whole we were in so we decided he should stay until the end of the year.

We have been so blessed by a good friend of ours letting him live there for the most MINIMAL amount of rent and we will be reunited by February but this is hard. We are not the couple who have to be together at all times, he has a man cave for a reason so that we can have our own space but this is too much space. We have been able to see each other twice, once in Sept for my best friend’s wedding and then over Halloween. But a total of 10 days in 7 months feels…small.

So as I think about all the things that we could have for Christmas, more than anything, I want Adam. I want to go see The Hobbit with him on Christmas day as we have with the last two films. I want to keep up our tradition of Chinese food for Christmas dinner, yes that is what I make every year and I LOVE IT. I want to just cuddle on the sofa with him and watch TV, don’t care what we watch, just want to cuddle. I am thankful that I get to go to my dad’s house for Christmas and will see The Hobbit with him and my step mom, I might even be able to talk them into Chinese food for dinner but it won’t be the same. This isn’t our first Christmas apart, we weren’t together while I was deployed to Guam but we were only dating then and we both had things to keep us VERY busy, we were still in the Air Force and had people around us.

That song “All I want for Christmas is You” makes me want to get up and dance 99% of the time then there are those random moments when I just cry. I am not saying any of this for people to feel sorry for us, we don’t need/want that. But what I do want to do is bring awareness to family at this time of the year, make sure that you are holding on tight because there might be years where you don’t have them, so don’t forget to be focused on the here and now, the moment of happiness and let go of the Christmas shopping and the rushing around. Take a moment and just be.

In Its Time

Why He Came

Over the past 2 weeks I have been reading the Advent study with She Reads Truth and am just blown away. I am being brought back to this place of worship that I can’t explain. God has been melting my heart over a lot of […]

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What I am loving lately!!

Lately I have been beyond obsessed with:

She Reads Truth: Right now we are reading for Advent, getting my mind back on the real meaning of Christmas

Christmas movies: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (The 2000, Jim Carrey version) and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Again getting my mind on the true meaning of Christmas. Our society is so obsessed with stuff, and presents that we are not even thinking about Christ and His humble birth and why He even came in the first place, for our forgiveness.

Hot Chocolate: 3 Tablespoons of Cocoa powder, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt (you can also add a pinch of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne which make it out of this world) This serves 2. I make a huge batch of it and keep it in an air tight container, not sure how long it should last because I don’t let it go more than a few days.

Baking and Cooking: Even though Adam isn’t here right now I have been getting my rear back in the kitchen and cooking and baking. I seriously feel so happy when I am in the kitchen making something. I love when my home smells like fresh bread or there is soup in the slow cooker going. Plus since he isn’t here and I cook as if he was I have meals in the freezer, so there is a small win.

My 3 beauty favorites lately are:

L’Oreal Total Repair 5 damage erasing balm. I can’t even explain how much this deep conditioner has helped my hair. I use it twice a week and am LOVING it. My hair is silkier, smoother, shiner, and a whole heck of a lot less frizzy, that right there is a major plus in my book.

OGX Anti-Breakage Serum, Nourishing Coconut Milk. Unlike a lot of other products that I use to help my curls this stuff doesn’t weigh my hair down (It doesn’t need help in that department) and it helps hold curls without it being crunchy or feeling greasy. I am sure that I could use actual coconut oil in my hair but for now this stuff works. Plus, it is lasting a LONG time, a couple of pumps is all I need for ALL my hair. 

N.Y.C. New York Color High Definition Liquid Liner. This eyeliner has changed eye lining for me. I might be in love. Since I am kind of shaky (just a slight issue my dad so graciously passed on to me) doing eyeliner has always been a pain for me but I love the look and so would take the 15 minutes it felt like to get my eyes just right. Now I don’t need that. The felt tip is large enough that I don’t need to go over an area more than one time, and it does the best wing by me simply placing it in the right spot and a slight pull. The tip does pretty much  all the rest, also all I have to do on my actual lash line is tap the tip flatly against my lash line and it leaves the perfect line. Seriously might be in love!!

Well that is what I have been loving lately. What have you been obsessed with? Leave a comment for me below or leave one on the video. I love finding new things to fall in love with even if it is just baking, cooking or hot chocolate!!!

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