Let The Light Shine

Month: March 2015

Facing my Comfort Zone for the Lord

  I know that is the point, to be made “uncomfortable”, to be pushed out of my safe zone and to be made to think in a way that doesn’t involve…ME. Where do we resent Christ’s rightful intrusion into the comfortable areas of our lives? […]

Reaching for the Lord

There are days when I struggle with anxiety…for no reason…I am not sure what it is in my body that just kind of lets go of control every once in a while. There are times when I just feel like I can’t control my emotions, […]

Sunday Glory: Complaining


The other night I was baby sitting for some friends of ours, I was putting the dishes that I used into the dishwasher and was kind of jealous of their “fiesta wear”.  I made the comment when they came home about how much I loved it and she said “We got it for a wedding gift”.

Adam and I bought our serving wear when Adam was moving into his first apartment and have had those plates and bowls for almost 8 years now. Over the past few months I have caught myself doing nothing but complaining…that I don’t have brand new dishes…complaining that we weren’t together…that I was moving back to North Dakota…that it was cold and then started complaining about how I had never had a bridal shower (Adam and I sort of eloped and so didn’t get anything and when we had our ceremony already had everything). But then yesterday I was putting away those plates and bowls that we have had for years and realized that those plates, bowls, my coffee/tea mugs and even my cook-wear had survived the flood of 2011. We lost a lot in that flood but we gained so much more. I look back on that time and think to myself…”Wow I am so surprised that we made through that.” Our marriage came out stronger in the end and we learned a lot in the way of trusting the Lord to provide for us. (Something we are still learning to this day)

Those plates represent something for me that I wasn’t expecting…they remind me that God has provided the simplest things that we need, Matthew 6:25-34…We have food, and we have something it off of. We have a roof over our heads (and were beyond blessed to have a place for Adam to stay FOR FREE while he was still living here). I really do take the blessings that God has provided for granted sometimes. I need to get out of the mind set of complaining because if I am not careful I am going to end up like the Israelites walking around the same mountain not receiving the promise that God has for me.

Sunday Glory: The Sabbath

Over the past couple of weeks little things have been creeping up talking about the Sabbath and keeping it Holy. It all started out with this article I read from Relevant Mag discussing how it seems that all of the commandments are preached on and taught […]