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Film Friday: Working With MightCouldDo

Film Friday: Working With MightCouldDo

  I have found something out recently as I am working with MightCouldDo…I KNOW NOTHING about film making. Ok I know a few things, but I am still so new to this whole world…And that right there, is OK. I can be a newbie at […]

Joy and Blessings: 2015

Joy and Blessings: 2015

I look back at where I was a year ago today and am blown away…Last year at this time I was packing up our home (AGAIN) and getting ready to move back to North Dakota, something I thought I would never do. I was working […]

Joy and Blessings: March

If I don’t get this up now it will be time for the Joys and Blessing of April…I can’t miss TWO months of blogging…Just can’t so here ya are. March was a month of crazy. It was great and overwhelming and moving and eye opening. […]

Film Friday

This week’s Film Friday is going to be images that I have shot with my film camera The Olympus OM-1. This camera was introduced in 1972 but I am not 100% what year my specific camera was made. I bought this camera the summer of […]

A Wandering Nomad of sorts

Where is home? Is it the place you grew up? Is it the house that has your measurements in? The place you learned how to ride your bike and fell for the first time? For me that isn’t the case. I don’t have that. My […]

How to get Started Reading the Bible

So yesterday while I was at a Bible study with a few of my girl friends from church the comment was brought up about being a new believer and being little intimidated by knowing where to start when reading the Bible. It was a passing […]

A New Start, A New Job, Yet Another New Adventure

Having the time to do the things that I love has always been hardest for me considering I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and Adam and I have had the worst string of luck financially. So finding a job that gives […]

I am going to run this!

  March 21…my 30th birthday…it is coming up close, and so is that promise to myself to run a half marathon before then. I had a Inst-friend of mine share with me her half-marathon running guide, a 16 week guide, and I am going by that. […]

October, a month of blogging

Not only does fall happen to be my favorite time of year but October is my favorite month of the year, followed very closely by December. I love everything about the holiday season and October starts it off. My love for October and Halloween have […]

Fall is here…well sort of

Living in Arizona is sort of a shock for me. I haven’t lived in the southwest since I was 16 so I am totally used to actual fall weather, and while living in North Dakota didn’t give us a long fall or long spring for […]

Time well spent

So this past weekend (Thursday through yesterday) I was in New Jersey for my best friends wedding. To say this marriage has been a long time in the making is to put it mildly. Pete has been in love with Michelle since Freshman year of […]

Apple Pie Makes Me Happy

  So in the world of happiness there is pie…Pretty much any kind of pie in my book is pure happiness—Apple, mixed berry, pumpkin…Oh how I love me some pumpkin pie, key lime—Love it more than pumpkin and that is saying a lot. Seriously love […]