Let The Light Shine


How to get Started Reading the Bible

So yesterday while I was at a Bible study with a few of my girl friends from church the comment was brought up about being a new believer and being little intimidated by knowing where to start when reading the Bible. It was a passing […]

Continually Growing in my Art

As an artist you can’t grow if you aren’t in your art…fact. And with that fact I am going to be taking my camera EVERYWHERE I go from now until…well until I don’t feel the need. But right now I am feeling something more than […]

Books That Have Changed Me

I love books. I am not the person who is ALWAYS reading, I am not going to even try to lie and say that I am. BUT when I get into a book that is all that I do. Seriously, I read Harry Potter book […]

Sunday Glory…Dusty Places

Today God showed me that even in those dark, dusty places as long as you open the door and let in the light things will be OK. I have been hiding in that dark, cobweb filled space of fear for far too long…well I am […]


About 2 months ago I was told about IPSY by a friend of mine. She is a no-fuss kind of woman, Asian and BEAUTIFUL, she is also the kind of woman who puts EVERYONE before herself; her husband and her 2 amazing kids and then […]

A New Start, A New Job, Yet Another New Adventure

Having the time to do the things that I love has always been hardest for me considering I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth and Adam and I have had the worst string of luck financially. So finding a job that gives […]

Out of the whirlwind

Yesterday at the weekly Bible study I go to we found ourselves in the book of Job. We started out reading Romans 11, we asked what does the beginning of 11 have to do with the end. The answer came to us in the form […]

Rejection; a word I know a lot about.

How is it that I found both the life of a Christian and the life of an artist? Both are full of rejection. As a Christian I have been told I will deal with rejection from the world. John 15:18-19 “If the world hates you, you […]

The here and now

Today’s devotional on She Reads Truth was entitled The Time is Now and it is. The time Christ has given us is NOW. We can’t wait for our lives to start to share the Gospel, or to teach or grow or whatever it is we are waiting […]


I have always been a list maker. Food shopping, traveling, things that need to get done on the weekend…pretty much anything. Well today I watched a video on YouTube by Amy Schmittauer about setting goals for 2015 and it really got me thinking. So that […]

Sunday Glory

Sunday Glory

In the mist of our oh so busy lives The One we forget about the most is The One we should be focused on the most. I fall into this category of so much going on in my head and without thinking it is the […]

Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins

I am that person who LIVES for fall, I love the clothes; boots, sweaters, cute coats (which I don’t get to wear down here in AZ), the fall leaves, which brings the smell of fall and everything PUMPKIN!! I also love making my own pumpkin […]