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8 Years Of Married Bliss…Seriously

8 Years Of Married Bliss…Seriously

Pintrest Photo This film has been one of my all time favorites since I was about 15. The romance, the fashion, the Audrey. To me this woman was the definition of class (right next to Grace Kelly and Julie Andrews). I love the fact that […]

7 Years? How Is That Possible?

Today marks 7 years…7 years of marriage. I am not sure how that happened. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting, waiting for my bible study to start and Adam drives up, gets out of the car and asks me to marry him. I […]

Slam Dunks in Meal Planning

Ok so something that Adam and I have always said is that we are that couple that have almost nothing in common…Seriously when we got together we had 2 things in common…Jesus and baseball, and we have different teams for that matter. He isn’t even […]

Cooking Happiness

Fried chicken??? Seriously I woke up Saturday with a desire to eat fried chicken. Actually what I was really wanting was a meal from this place in WA that my mom, step dad and I used to go to called “The Southern Kitchen”. Oh my […]

I have been called to work

I have always thought that the best way to be a good wife is to be a stay at home mom. Well right now I am not a mom so I can’t just stay at home and do nothing all day. If I did then […]

A Virtuous wife is hard to find…tell me about it.

Being a virtuous wife, an honoring and respecting wife is what I strive for. The first 3 verses of the “Virtuous Wife” are the verses I feel that I am the strongest at. And I am not saying that I reach that goal of being […]