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In The Working World Again

In The Working World Again

So recently I got an out of the house JOB…


I know what you are thinking…But Christine, you hate working for “the man”…what are you doing? Well Life…It happens. I have spent the last couple of years either being a VA or being a social media manager and the bottom just started dropping out. I still have a couple of Social Media clients here in town but I am not getting the amount of clients I need to not work outside of the home.

I did share some of this in my Sunday Glory post on how this job came to happen. I will let you check that out and leave it here simply saying…GOD. I mean it really is that plain and simple. The Lord told me to listen to my husband and then he came to me and made the comment that I should look for something for the time being and I did.

It is so strange working outside of the home again. I mean I have had a couple of jobs here and there…working for Victoria’s Secret (here and in AZ) a photo studio here in ND and in AZ…and that is about it. A giant chunk of time while I was going to school Adam and I didn’t work because we were getting our GI Bills and that paid all we needed every month. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!! So I haven’t had a real 9-5 (or in the case of this job, 8-5) since I was in the Air Force…4 years ago people….What???? So to say it was an adjustment is putting it lightly.

But I am finding it to be really fulfilling. I get to spend my days writing and creating, I work on TV spots and documentary pieces. I am getting my juices flowing and have been told by many people, my direct supervisor for a start that this is a GREAT jumping off point. We don’t know where we are going to be in a year…Mainly because we NEVER know where we are going to be in a year, we have moved almost every year of our marriage so…But this job is such a great place to learn and grow in this world. It is mainly advertising and I never actually pictured myself in that place but it is really fun writing mini-shorts for different companies to promote their brand and get their name out there.

So for now I am beyond happy with my new job, it’s hard to be out of the house 8 hours a day and still get everything else done but that is for another post. I will leave it here and say, when the Lord calls you to do something, don’t think, just jump and trust Him enough that He loves you enough to make sure you land on your feet on the path He has laid out for you.