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My Bucket List

I have been following a few different blogs lately, and because of that I have been thinking a lot lately and there are a lot of things that I would love to do in my life before I die. I also understand that if God doesn’t have these in mind for me and Adam then I will also be perfectly fine with that, but I still would love to go and see some of these places and do some of these things.

My Bucket List:

~Go on a mission trip: I never thought that I would say that, mainly because I was lead to believe that to go on a mission trip you HAVE to go to Africa and that isn’t the case. Granted if God sent me there I would go but I am just saying there are so many amazing places to go, including Africa, in order to share the love of the Lord. There are PLENTY of places in the world that don’t know the Love of Christ.

~Adopt a child: This on the other hand is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do. God placed it on my heart very young in life, I have quite a few friends who are adopted and know some people who have been such a blessing by giving their babies up to families that they KNOW will love those children because they can’t have their own. I have been told it could be really hard for me to conceive and so adoption has always been there. I know that if God wants us to have our own child He will make it so but even if He does we have been called to care for the widows and the fatherless in this world (James 1:27) so I am all for welcoming a child or even children into my home and my life as my own, with open arms, no matter where they come from. Hey maybe depending on the mission trip we might come home with a child, how amazing would that be?!

~Go to the Great Wall of China: Come on it’s the Great Wall, who doesn’t want to experience that?!?!?

~Visit England, Scotland, Ireland…Well Europe as a whole really: Same thought process, I have heard nothing but amazing stories of the beauty and would love to be able to capture just a glimpse of it!

~See the Northern Lights: So while living in ND I should have seen them but never took the time to go and capture them on camera…I want to try.

~Learn how to sail a boat: It would just be really cool in my book.

~Go deep sea fishing: What else would you do on the boat once you are out there??

~Write a book: I have a few stories to tell and would love to share them with the world!

~Write and direct movies: This is part of what I feel God has called me to in life. He has blessed me with this amazing passion for film and television that I would love to use that as a platform to share the Gospel!!

~Learn to speak French: I just love the language and didn’t really try after high school to keep up with it…But I am thinking that I would love to try again.

This might not seem like the coolest Bucket List out there but a lot of these things God has placed on my heart and He put them there then they will be done. There might also be other things that get added as I grow up and learn more but for now this seems like a good start…I just need to make sure to stay on His path and not stray…He knows what He is doing and what will be the best for Adam and I.

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