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Sunday Glory: Trust…A 4 letter word

Sunday Glory: Trust…A 4 letter word

Trust…It may have 5 letters, but for me it’s more of a 4 letter word. Not that I am not a trusting person, I think I am almost TOO trusting of people at times but where I easily trust people on a regular basis, I struggle with my trust in God. Recently I went to see the movie The Shack. I read the book years ago and boy did it open my eyes. I love that God used it to speak to me in a way that I hadn’t heard before. And when the movie came out, the message was even louder. I love that the underlying message is TRUST…Trust God to do what He says He is going to. Trust Him enough to love you enough. I think that is the hardest part for me to grasp; that God loves me enough to…to provide for me, to fulfill His promises for me and through me, to be there NO MATTER WHAT. One of the most amazing parts of the story is when Mack asks Papa (God) where was He (she, God is seen as a mother figure in the first portion, there is a point to it, read the book and you will completely understand) when his littler girl was taken and killed? Where was He for the family? Where was He for…? And God’s response??? “I never left you and I never left Missy.” It isn’t that God leaves, it is that sin is a part of this world and we have to turn away from that sin and towards God.

He never said that this life would be easy. But He does promise that He will ALWAYS be there. I tend to forget that at times, that He has promised that He isn’t going anywhere. Why don’t I trust the God of the Universe to keep His promises??

I have seen this trust play out lately in my own life. I have been working from home for a few years now, nothing too exciting, as either a Virtual Assistant or simply a Social Media Manager and have kind of hit a rough place in my own business. So a few weeks back I spent time praying and had Adam actually ask me to look for a job outside of the home, just for the time being until we can get back on our feet. He didn’t say “GO GET A JOB, ANY JOB TOMORROW!!!” He just asked that I would start looking. So I did, and at first, NOTHING and I mean NOTHING. I don’t have a crazy amount of skills, I was AMMO in the Air Force and I have 2 degrees, one in Theology and the other in Theater and for the last few years I have been doing some kind of administrative work technically. But a friend of mine who works for MLT (Delta vacations…can you say FREE FLIGHTS!!!!), said that they were hiring so I decided that would be a great place to start but I was so scared.

I was terrified to get a job outside of the house because I didn’t want to give up on the dream that I have to make movies that Glorify the Lord. But as the day came that I decided to actually apply I was getting ready for my day and the Lord placed this sense of peace over me. So I just did it, I applied. I got called for a phone interview and then called in for an actual interview. All this time I’m thinking “Oh wow, this is great, I will be able to travel and photograph places I have been dreaming of for years now and I can fly there for free. Maybe this is what the Lord has for me in this next chapter.” BUT GOD…In the midst of interviewing for MLT, I was reached out to by the husband of a friend. He asked me to send him some of my creative writing and asked if I would be interested in interviewing for the advertising company he works for here in town, Results Unlimited. HOLY COW…My mind was blow. I sent him some of my work. God opened my heart, ears, eyes and mind to see that He didn’t want me to apply for MLT for the job itself but to trust Him enough that I should seek something outside of the home. That if I trusted Him enough to simply provide that He would provide something BIGGER and BETTER for me and what He has called me to do. I interviewed and was offered the job with RU the following Monday.

All of this to say…I trusted. I trusted God enough that He loves me enough to take care of me….To provide for us, to put me exactly where I need to be in order to fulfill what He has called me to. I am working with one of the most talented videographer/editor’s that I could dream of working with. A man who has won multiple local Emmy’s and simply loves what he does. I have been told by multiple outsiders to just soak up as much knowledge from him as I can and that is what I am doing. I still only have a tiny sky blue puzzle piece of what God has for us, but I am starting to see that I don’t need to see what is going on, He knows what is going on and I trust Him enough to not let me fall. Because even if I slip He will be there, standing next to me with His hand out stretched to help me back up. I simply need to trust Him.

*I will say this about The Shack, which I have said to many already. I do not see this book as scripture. I do see it as a story, that points to Christ. But in the end, it is just that, a FICTIONAL story. I do not take what my preacher says as scripture…unless he is in fact reading the literal words, but I spend time going back and reading the word myself and speaking directly with God about what I have read. The only book that in the end matters is The Bible. Fact.