Let The Light Shine

Wordless Wednesday: Trash Walk

*This weeks Wordless Wednesday is anything but that. But at the same time I felt that something needed to be said because obviously the trash isn’t speaking for itself.*

I went out to simply photograph the other day and found that I was surrounded by trash. It broke my heart that I this is the way we treat our planet, our own city but it is. People don’t care about the fact that the animals around us don’t know the difference and ingest it. Or that the trash that is filling our landfill is actually OVER filling it. We don’t seem to care that the trash we throw out of the car window or drop as we are walking home from the bar is making our town look like a dumb and the plastic and cans are being blown into our river by the wind and polluting our water. We have been called to take care of this planet…It was the first “Job” Adam had in the garden and the job he was given when he had to leave the garden and yet we are perfectly fine just watching it fall apart before our very eyes. We only have one planet…We need to take care of it. I am planning on starting up my weekly trash walks this spring. I hope as many people as possible can join.